Our patented system, the Muscle Movement Method is how we are going revolutionize the education systems throughout the world. 

The Muscle Movement Method, also called the “C-O-A-D-G System,” is a way of teaching handwriting using the Roman alphabet. Why? The end goal of our book, teaching this method, is to promote prosperity and justice around the world by spreading the gift of literacy, the absolutely essential foundation of all education. The distribution of illiteracy often coincides with the distribution of poverty in the world (as illustrated below).


Literacy as a percentage of total population, by country.

Poverty rate, as a percentage of undernourishment, by country.








And the statistics continue…

Below is a map showing the use of the Roman, or Latin, alphabet around the world. This gives an idea of how widely this particular script is used. It doesn’t even include all the people in countries where the native language uses another script but where enormous majorities of the people also learn the Roman alphabet as a secondary writing system. They do this to access the wealth of information available on the Internet and books written in the Latin script. Virtually every child in countries such as China, Japan, Korea, and even many children in India will, at some point, learn to read and write to some degree using these twenty-six amazing symbols.


Map showing the distribution of the Roman alphabet.


Here is another map showing some of the alternate writing systems used around the world, as seen in Wikipedia.

Of course, our intention is definitely NOT to impose the Roman alphabet in places that have their own script, but rather to merely use this simple, patented method of teaching the Roman alphabet, as a tool to help spread literacy everywhere. We intend to assist literacy projects even in countries that don’t use the Roman alphabet as the primary writing system. The plan is to raise revenues generated by selling our guidebooks using our patented method and then to use the “profits” from this free-market activity to fund efforts to bring the “gift of literacy” to the most disenfranchised groups anywhere they may be found, around the world.